Digital pencil & paper

  • Inituitive usage for young and old thanks to the digital pen tablet
  • Existing norms applicable and additional new norms available
  • Acquires the complete process
  • Digital copies available for the electronic patient dossier (EPD)
  • Drawings can be replayed as a movie
  • New options for more dynamic tests and measurements such as pen pressure
  • Connect measurement devices such as Eye Tracking, Kinect, Response Pads and/or EEG
  • Real-time analysis and one-click reporting

Cost effective and efficient

  • Only pay for the instruments you need
  • Save time on preparations, marking and reporting
  • Significantly more effective: focus on the patient, no distraction by stopwatches etc.

Evidence based and clinically tested

  • Metrisquare is a platform for co-creation and collaboration
  • Partnerships with top-level researchers and institutions
  • The perfect combination of technicians and neuropsychologists
  • Long-lasting and reliable: durable, proven technology of high quality

Other advantages of the DiagnoseIS software

  • Accurate, automatic timing of responses
  • Automatic scoring and reporting
  • A completely digital archive
  • Sound can be recorded during the test automatically and replayed later
  • Generate reports in your company style, including graphs and drawings, for clinical usage
  • Generate spreadsheet reports for scientific usage in MatLab, SPSS or Excel
  • Include remarks and comments, such as observations during or after the test session
  • Setting recalls for tests, to remind you of pending recalls of memory tasks
  • Invite clients by e-mail for online screening or questionnaires
  • Create own diagnostic tests, experiments or training tasks using the development module