Privacy and GDPR

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Identity and responsibility

Metrisquare B.V. is located in the Netherlands, European Union. We have conformed our products and services to the ISO 270001 norm for information protection. Metrisquare provides a service to professional users, usually for scientific research, educational purposes or for screening or diagnosis of mental health clients. Metrisquare does not provide services to patients directly. Please refer to the contact information for contacting us.

Purpose of data processing on our servers

Metrisquare processes and stores data for the following reasons:

Third parties

Metrisquare does not share personal data to any third parties, with the following exceptions:

Under no circumstances, any personal data will be used or provided to others for profiling users, nor for political or advertising purposes.

Storage of the data

Metrisquare data are stored in a European data centre. The data are stored permanently, until deletion is requested by the user or by law. In order to review the data collected for your account, to request removal, or to revoke permission for usage of these data, or for compaints on this issue, please contact us.


Metrisquare stores so called cookies in your browser for improving the user experience only. The cookie contains details on the session, enabling us to e.g. offer the site in your language.

Data processing agreement

Institutes using Metrisquare systems need to sign a data processing agreement with Metrisquare in case they are inputting personal data in the platform.

Security measures

For the protection of the data, we have adopted various security measures, not limited to: